Delve the Dungeon Crawler


Head into the most dangerous dungeons


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Delve the Dungeon Crawler is a first person role-playing game inspired by the board game Delve: the Dice Game, in which you have to direct a group of adventurers through a series of dungeons that are full of traps and enemies.

Players can use different types of adventurers, including warriors, clergy, wizards, thieves, knights and explorers. Each of them has special abilities that make them unique in battle, so you will have to learn how to control each one.

During your adventures through the dungeons you will come face to face with a total of seventy different monsters, scattered between even more different encounters. Just like in the case of the different characters, it will be very important to know how each monster behaves in order to come out winning each time.

There are more than a ten different dungeons in Delve the Dungeon Crawler where you will find not only enemies, but also artifacts and objects for your heroes. As it's to be expected, if you use the best team you will have a significant advantage in the most difficult combats.

Delve the Dungeon Crawler is an excellent dungeon crawler game that has rather clumsy graphics, though fans of the board game will love its enjoyable game mechanics.
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